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Shear Cut-Off Blades & Machine Knives

BoyutCNC has been manufacturing, specialty Tube Shear Blades, Roll-Form Blades & Tooling, Shear Blades & Machine Knives and Tube Shear Jaws for over 20 years.

Shear Blades (TiAIN Coated)

Shear Blades

Shear Blades (TiAIN Coated)

We have been developing specialty Shear Blades & Machine Knives for high tensile and high strength materials including stainless steels and exotic metal tubing. Our titanium coated tube shear blades are durable, impact and wear resistant. Customers that have struggled with sawing and shearing can now depend on consistent saw quality cuts in varying size and wall thickness. No longer is there unpredictability in blade life. Our shear blades and machine knives are exceptionally tough and durable. Made of special steel alloy, these knives are heat treated to stand up under the toughest conditions. We can assure customers of long life and high-quality cuts far beyond that of regular sawing and shearing of high strength steel tubing.

We provide affordable blade and tooling solutions for the Roll-Form Industry. Manufactured from highly dependable steel, our roll-form tooling resists chipping and cracking, resulting in less downtime, increased production and significant cost-savings.

BoyutCNC also offers Coating options. Titanium Gold has been the reliable workhorse for manufacturers for years, offering lubricity and wear resistance, extended run times, and reduction in coolant use. BoyutCNC's Titanium Black coating process, offering diamond-like hardness, has taken quality and performance to new levels. Treated tooling can last up to 8 times longer than uncoated tooling and twice as long as tooling using conventional gold coating.

BoyutCNC's technical staff will work with you to develop the right solution, resulting in cost savings and increased profit margins.

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